Language Attitude on the Trade Context by Indonesia-Malaysia Border Communities in West Kalimantan

This study aims to describe the attitude language by the community border in West Kalimantan traced in the context of international trade. This research is qualitative research with an in-depth interview method and observations by (TO) the Community border in Entikong (West Kalimantan – Indonesia) and in Serikin (Sarawak – Malaysia). The results of this study indicate that the society of merchants and consumers who transact (HAD TRANSACTIONS) in Entikong (from among adults and students) who trades (TRADED) in the territory of Indonesia tend to use Indonesia language if different tribes or ethnic. In addition, the community of merchants and consumers who transact in Serikin Malaysia region will tend to use Malaysia language who mixed with the local languages. This suggests that the language is determined by the attitude of the situation and the context of the speech is going on. In addition, the context of the second relationship is affected also by intercultural communication skills acquired at school and multilingual language proficiency so that communication in the context of trade.

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