An Analysis on the Implementation of 2013 Curriculum in English Language Teaching to Senior High School Students in Bengkulu

This study focused on classroom teaching activities, especially how teachers implemented the five stages of teaching procedures in 2013 Curriculum, namely: Observing, asking, exploring, connecting, and communicating. The problem of this research is “How is the implementation of the 2013 curriculum in teaching process of English at tenth grade students of SMA Negeri 2 Bengkulu?” This study has two significances, namely theoretical and practical significance. Theoretically, the findings of this study are expected to enrich findings and theories about the implementation of the 2013 curriculum conducted by English teachers. While, practically the findings of this study can be useful information for English teachers to improve the implementation of the 2013 curriculum in the teaching and learning process. This study is classified into a qualitative evaluation method whose findings will be described descriptively. The subjects of this study were English teachers who taught at tenth grade of SMA Negeri 2 Bengkulu. The researcher used purposive random sampling. The data collected by observations made by researcher during teaching and learning activities and from interviews with English teachers. The main instrument of this research is the researcher herself and also be supported by English teachers as informants.

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